Mala Beads Bracelet 108 8mm Prayer Meditation Sandalwood Elastic…

Color:  Gourd - black sandalwood



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[ 108 Mala Beads ]

* The 108 beads are entended to eliminate 108 kinds of troubles, relax body, ease minds.

* The 108 beads are belived to be powerful in bringing positive force of self realization to focuse your attention and achieve a state of peace.

* Mala beads is also called count beads/rosary, an important tool for spiritual practice.

* The millennium inheritance, let the rosary evolved from the tool of meditation into the symbol of the wisdom of all beings.

* As more and more people like and wear rosary, the beads become a symbol of fashion culture beyond the religious meaning.

[ Fashion Jewelry Accessories ]

* 8MM: Each bead is roughly 8mm in diameter.

* 35Inch/90cm: The circumference of each necklace is about 35inch/90cm. it can be folded into four or five layers of bracelets depending on your wrist size.

* Elastic Cord: The smooth beads are threaded onto a durable elastic cord.

* Mala beads can be worn as either bracelet or necklace, depending on your preferance.Very fashionable .Fit both women and men of any age.

[ Return To Nature ]

* Using high quality natural.aging material.

* Craft the materials by hand. it's a round hole.

* No paint .no incense

* Maintain woody primary colors with collectible value

[ Maintenance and Plate playing bracelets ]

* NOTE:Waterproof and sweatproof.Please don't soat the beads in water , which may lead to the bead losing its gloss.

* 5 minutes a day, use a soft cotton cloth or gloves to disc rubbing the bracelets, allow the wood's own grease to fully escape from the conduit hole,. Use cotton cloth to make the oil moisturize the surface of the beads better and achieve the effect of polishing the beads.Repeatedly play,Make the surface of the beads evenly in contact with the air form a fine oxidized protective layer until the beads form a patina.

Tiger skin wood

* Tiger skin comes from the African tropical tiger stripes tree

* The texture is like a tiger pattern, the stripes are clear and the color is bright.

Ebony wood

* Ebony wood comes from Indonesia black ebony.

* High density, high hardness, Put it in the water and it will sink. The surface of the beads is black and bright.

Vietnamese sandal wood

* Vietnamese sandal wood is the Vietnamese Nha Trang incense wood

* Solid wood , Bead oil shines bright, simple and natural

Blood sandalwood

* Blood sandalwood is the Zambian rosewood

* Stable wood, not easy to crack, the color will become dark purple after oxidation, known as the king of the wood wood