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Style:  Blue Tiger Eye Matte Agate Bracelet


Do you know the story about agate?

The meanings of agate bracelets include nobility, joy, strength, hope, etc. Different colors of agate have different meanings. Blue onyx means nobility, as this color looks very gorgeous, while red onyx means happiness. Yellow agate symbolizes strength. White agate symbolizes hope and love because this color is relatively pure and full of childlike interest.

Mens Beaded Bracelets

  • 8mm Natural Stone Beads.
  • Size: 7"-9.4" Adjustable size.
  • Sturdy and high-quality rope.
  • Not easy to break or loose.
  • Easy to take off and put on.

Chakra Bracelet for Men

  • Red Agate-Root Chakra-Protects
  • Amber Tiger Eye-Sacral Chakra-Provide Balance
  • Tiger Eye-Solar Plexus Chakra-Provide Energy
  • Green King Stone-Heart Chakra-Resist Negative Energy
  • Turquoise-Throat Chakra-Heals, Lapis Lazuli-Third Eye Chakra-Provide Clarity, Amethyst-Crown Chakra-Offers Peace

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Adjustable Sturdy Rope
Natural Stone
Non-fading and Hypoallergenic
Perfect Gifts Idea for Men