GVUSMIL 8mm 108 Mala Beads Wrap Bracelet Necklace for Yoga Charm Bracelet Natural Gemstone Jewelry for Women Men

Color:  Purple Weathered Stone


About 108 Mala Beads:

108 is a sacred number,commonly 108 beads,a symbol of the removal of 108 kinds of trouble

Mala beads are traditionally worn for their spiritual and healing qualities as well as a tool for certain types of mediation/prayer. In Tibet,Nepal and India they are used for keeping count while reciting,chanting,or mentally repeating a mantra or names of a deity,each bead representing a repetition of a mantra.Malas are worn on the neck,wrist

It may also serve as a nice accessory in everyday life or on some special occasion

Professional design for people who really love

All our products are designed in combination with the functions of gems! ! Select high-quality semi-precious stones for hand weaving. Share your love with everyone who loves gemstone necklaces and bracelets

Carefully selected materials

8 mm Bead bracelet designed for stress relief, meditate, yoga.

High quality bead men bracelet, durable and comfortable to wear, help with stress relief help with yoga and meditation.

Natural stone bead possess low density and light weight. Its cool feeling in hands can make the anxiety calm down.

More Information about Produces

Natural Stone

All beads are made from natural gemstone.They contain rare minerals such as amazonite, agate, topaz, jade and coral stone and so on

Beautiful Bracelet

It can be folded into three or four layers of bracelets depending on your wrist size

Unique Necklace

Measuring roughly 34" in diameter, which allows to be worn as either a bracelet or necklace depending on your needs

Meaningful Gift

Fit both women and men of any age, when they wear it, they will be healthy, confident, positive and happy