Craftdady 318pcs Buddha Wood Beads 8mm Undyed Round Pagoda Spacer Beads 3-Hole Loose Craft Beads Meditation Beads for Women DIY Bracelet Necklace Jewelry Making

Color:  Mixed Color,16x17mm


Color 3 Color-8mm
Material Wood, Stone
Size Small
Brand Craftdady
Shape Round

  • What You Get-- 318pcs beads (300pcs round beads,9pcs pagoda beads,9pcs 3-hole round beads)---Size:round: 8mm, Hole: 1.5mm & pagoda Shape: 7x6mm, hole: 1.2mm & 3-hole round: 9mm, Hole: 1.6~1.8mm.
  • High Quality-- Made of natural wood,undyed, they are non-toxic, durable and sturdy,smooth surface,These beads have been finely polished, making them elegant and exquisite,nice for diy bracelet jewelry making.
  • Exquisite Design-- These beads feature round, pagoda,3 hole,each bead comes in 3 colors. They're perfect for projects when you're going for a handcrafted, earthy, natural or exotic look.
  • Wide Application --These beads are perfect for DIY bracelet necklace,you can match these buddha beads with stone bead to making jewelry. It can effectively regulate your emotions and give you strength and a sense of physical and mental pleasure when worn.
  • Creative Gift--This will be a meaningful gift for your family and friends on various holidays,This is handmade by yourself and they will be very happy to receive this gift.

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Wood Beads

These mixed wooden beads are with well polished, smooth to touch, comfortable to wear.

Dark wood beads and guru beads are great for Buddhist jewelry making.

Wearing jewelry made with prayer beads that have good meaning can bring you good mood.

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Buddhist Beads