COAI 108 Japa Mala 7 Chakra Stone Wrap Bracelet Necklace

Style:  Tiger Eye


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Material Obsidian & Tiger Eye Amazonite Tourmaline Amazonite Obsidian & Tiger Eye Aventurine

108 mala necklace:

Noted that 108 beads necklace means the mala necklace has 108 main beads, spacer beads, guru beads, charms are not included.

This prayer bracelet necklace is made of 7 chakra beads, 108 bead and spacer beads(Alloy, stone beads). 4 Styles of this 7 chakra bracelet necklace for you to choose: Black Obsidian, Onyx, Tiger Eye & Matte Onyx.

  • Black Obsidian necklaces are capable of cleansing negative energies around you, energizing you and creating a calm and peaceful environment that's best to uplift your energies!
  • Onyx necklace is said to enhance self-control and stimulate the power of wise decision-making, impart self-confidence and help you to be at ease in your surroundings.
  • Tiger Eye necklace is said to heal issues with self-worth, self-criticism and blocked creative energy. It can also be used to balance Yin and Yang energies.

7 Chakra Bracelet Necklace:

7 Chakras are energy centers in our body in which energy flows through in balance with each other. An unbalanced energy field may cause a blockage in the flow of energy.

Different colors are related to each chakra, and therefore you can adapt stones to the chakra according to the color of the crystal.

Wearing this healing chakra necklace bracelet is said to give you protection and make you feel balanced.

This 7chakra jewelry for men & women can be worn as a single-strand necklace or wrapped about four or five times for a bracelet stack depending on your wrist size.

Stone beads on this 108 mala necklace are selected by caring hands and the durable elastic string is used for extra strength.

In Tibetan Buddhism, traditionally 108 mala beads are used. It is a tool used to keep your mind peace on the meditation practice. These Buddhist prayer beads are best for: Love and Purity of Heart. If you are finding a great meditation mala, the 108 bead would be the perfect choice. Mala beads are used for keeping count while reciting, chanting, or mentally repeating a mantra or the name or names of a deity.

This 108 stone beaded necklace is for all occasions, especially for counting mantras, prayers, meditations or expressing personal beliefs and style.

Mala prayer necklaces are spiritual jewelry, which can be used for yoga, meditation. This beaded bracelet necklace comes in 4 stone styles, so you can choose the one that makes a perfect gift for Christmas, your wedding anniversary, and birthdays, and a marvelous gift for who loves spiritual jewelry.