BERGERLIN Real natural stone bracelet with 925 Sterling silver pearl - Delicate faceted pearls - Genuine Bracelets with Certified Quality

Size:  L-XL
Color:  Aquamarine


Faceted natural stone jewelry

What does "faceted cut" mean?

The edges of the filigree natural stone beads are finely polished, resulting in an angular shape. The angular cut beads create a natural luster that gives faceted jewelry its own little aura.

Who is our gemstone jewelry suitable for?

Our faceted jewelry is a small but beautiful eye-catcher and suitable for both men and women. Our bracelets, necklaces and anklets are lovingly handcrafted and very comfortable to wear. Due to their discreet appearance, they can also be combined very nicely with other jewelry.

Product quality of our natural stone jewelry

Our claim is to offer you high quality natural and fashion jewelry at affordable prices. We deliver the best quality directly to your home. Each of our high quality natural stone jewelry is checked by us before we send it to you!

BERGERLIN - Born in Berlin

The idea to found BERGERLIN was born in Berlin:

In Berlin, as in many other small and large cities, it can be quite difficult to come to rest. We would like to create a balance to the often very stressful world of today.

Therefore we founded BERGERLIN:

BERGERLIN is composed of the words BERG and BERLIN and stands for OUR MISSION: To bring strength and tranquility from nature into your fast-paced everyday life.

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Color Green Dark blue Rose Colorful Black
Meaning Lucky charm Sensitivity Love Inner balance Self-confidence
Real natural stone
Nickel free
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GKS Certification – Independent German institute EPIGEM for Gemstone Verification

As a specialized dealer BERGERLIN participates with its faceted gemstone bracelets in the certification system GKS ( G emmological C ontrolled S tone Quality). Through annual inspections, the entire inventory is checked on the nomenclature and declaration rules of RAL RG 560 and CIBJO (Blue Book). In addition, it takes into account the current species protection agreements CITES and introduces declaration regulations for toxic and harmful minerals and gemstones. Thus, it is currently the most comprehensive system in Europe, for the naming of minerals and gemstones and for the declaration of artificial property changes.

Certifying body: Instute for gemstone quality certification (EPI)

In German: Institut für Edelsteinprüfung (EPI)

Place and date of certification: Offenburg (Germany), 17.01.2023

Stone names

Customer support and safety instructions

Close communication with our customers is our top priority! Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or complaints!

We are there for you at any time and will give everything to satisfy you.

Safety: The 925 sterling silver bead and all other materials of the bracelets are free of nickel or other harmful substances and absolutely skin-friendly.