8mm Crown King Charm Bracelet for Men Women Black Matte Onyx Stone Beads, 7.5"

Color:  3Gray


SEVENSTONE is committed to providing customer with stylish and elegant jewelry, we always believe that noble jewelry can be accompanied with you forever.

Every jewels are our elaborate ,it has a unique design and meaning,we hope it can embellish your beauty.Together with it, all is not ordinary.

  • The frosted surface is non-reflective, soft and can increase the adhesion of the coating. Frosted black looks plain low-key.
  • The crown, one of the most iconic symbols in history. The crown symbolises one set apart from all the rest. A symbol of honour and responsibility, it is a timeless symbol.

Black agate is compared to the stone of longevity, which gives the Buddha the faith of infinite longevity.

Black agate is a stone of courage and strength, but it is also known as the "stone of courage".Helps to stabilize sleep, eliminate stress, fatigue, turbidity and other negative energy.

Each piece of SEVENSTONE jewelry is well-designed,not just a cold stone,but have been sublimated into art. They are talking the perfect fusion of meterial, aesthetics and craft.They reflect designer's pursuit of perfection.

SEVENSTONE pursue perfect workmanship. Every stone is hand set by craftsmen who have at least 5 years of experience to make them smooth and delicate.

SEVENSTONE only use natural stone , real natural and above grade, can be compared with precious stone in every respect.

​Polishing technology is inherited from Dermany, make sure every piece without stains and uneven area. You will feel very comfortable when wearing SEVENSTONE.

High-quality material --Long term preservation

Working, party, date, or hiking, wherever you are, this beads Leather bracelet goes well with you.

Best gifts: a perfect gift for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Birthday, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Anniversary or just as a surprise to remind that special one how much you care!